Internal Medicine

Jean J. Barry, MD provides a unique approach to medicine by offering in depth medical consultation and specialized tests not always available at a regular outpatient medical clinic. While many patients will find answers to their medical concerns with just a few visits, others may require ongoing care.

Our clinic does not provide urgent care services. All patients are required to have a working relationship with a Primary Care Physician with whom we can coordinate care.

Rates are based on time and complexity ($480/hr, 15 min increments, 1 hour minimum). Initial visits typically require 2 hours, follow up visits usually require 45-60 min.


Comprehensive Initial Visit:

For all new patients a two-hour comprehensive evaluation, including history and physical exam, review of pre-visit questionnaire and treatment plan.

The cost of laboratory tests is not included. The need for tests will be determined at the time of your visit. Tests are processed through insurance when possible.


Follow Up Visit:  

Rates are based on time spent with the patient.  Most follow up visits require about 45 minutes. For patients who have not been seen in over 12 months, follow up visits require more time.


Telehealth Follow Up Visits  

Telehealth follow up visits are available for established patients. Patients must be in the state of Massachusetts or Florida at the time of their visit.


Email Support:

For patients with chronic conditions who require ongoing email support after their initial 30 days.  Rates based on time required for counsel. $250+ per month.


Laboratory Tests

Laboratory tests are based on each individual patient’s needs, and will be discussed during office visits.  Laboratory tests are priced separately from the visits listed above. Diagnostic laboratories used include Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, Genova, IgeneX, Galaxy Diagnostics, Real Time Labs, Doctors Data.



Requests for paperwork related to disability claims, workers compensation, leave of absence, school, jury duty, etc. need to be submitted in writing (email or USMail). There will be a minimum fee of $35 + $5 per page, paid in advance.  For Prior Authorization or contacting insurance companies, a processing fee will be charged for time spent processing.

Please allow for 2-3 weeks for paperwork processing.

At your initial visit, please limit outside records to < 20 pages, in the interest of time. You will discuss with your doctor if review of additional records would be helpful.


Medical Records Request

Requests for medical records should be submitted in writing (email or USMail), specifying which documents are requested (office notes, laboratory reports, etc.). Laboratory results from Quest are available on the Patient Fusion portal. Records can be sent to a secure fax, mailed to your home address or picked up at our office. A reasonable fee may apply for postage or processing of paper records (e.g. $5+). Records cannot be emailed due to HIPAA privacy regulations.


Payment Methods  

We accept the following payment methods: cash, checks, most major credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).